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    The common usage of flat face hydraulic quick coupling

    2017-05-06 08:49 Aike Industrial Co., Ltd.

    The common usage of flat face hydraulic quick coupling

     With the development of the technology,more and more modern equipment do solved a lot of problems for humans.But we all know that there may be hydraulic oil leakage due to the machine’s wastage in years of using. Fundamentally speaking,this problem is arising from the choose & use for flat face hydraulic quick couplings. Now let’s talk about the common usage of flat face hydraulic quick couplings in daily life.

    flat face hydraulic quick coupling
    . For the high-voltage power supply line maintenance overhead bucket crane

    We know that it’s very dangerous to work in high pressure operation.In particular, the normal operation of the machine in this aerial work is an important step in the maintenance of the packaging project. Then we know that in the past because of the backward of technology,there’s often appears  hydraulic failure in mechanical connection during the working time.Ultimately lead to maintenance projects can not be carried out in an orderly manner, seriously affecting the residents of the normal life and the cost of high voltage power transmission company. The use of flat face hydraulic quick coupling allows more maintenance masters to quickly solve problems when hydraulic troubles occur in mechanical equipment.

    . Road construction equipment hydraulic press
    90% of the road construction equipment has a hydraulic machine, we know that most of the machinery are inseparable from the hydropress, if the hydraulic machine failure, the entire equipment won’t work normally. So the emergence of the flat face hydraulic quick couplings made the late-model construction companies are used to install flat face hydraulic quick couplings rather than the hardware fittings which are difficult to maintain quickly.


    . The hydraulic equipment in railway and mining

    Finally, we said that most of is the hydraulic equipment, large-scale mineral factories have a lot of large and medium-sized mining equipment, once the mining equipment has affected the mining cycle due to the failure of the quick connector, the result is very serious. After all, as well as the high-voltage wire maintenance work, mining is also a high-risk work. Therefore, the flat face hydraulic quick couplings are widely used in most mining hydraulic machine in these years. Owing to the excellent lapel structure, good wear and tear durable material properties made the flat face hydraulic quick couplings are gradually replacing the traditional quick connectors.