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    What's a Hydraulic Quick Coupling?

    2017-05-26 16:38 Aike Industrial Co., Ltd.
    What's a Hydraulic Quick Coupling?

    When talking about the hydraulic quicl couplings, most of the non mechanical engineering industry
    are not too clear about it. But these small hydraulic quicl couplings has become an important
    hardware accessories industry in the world. And many machinery manufacturers need
    them to help improve their own 
    Mechanical equipment. So what is the hydraulic quick couplings?
    Hydraulic Quick Coupling
    Hydraulic quick connector is a special heavy load design, the female connector material use steel chrome,
     male connector and parent joint lock sleeve are hardened, pressure resistance and good fatigue resistance,
     the use of two seal; no leakage and with self-locking function.

    Maybe  the concept of hydraulic quick couplings is not well understood, and we usually say that
    hydraulic couplings are essential to ensure the normal operation of modern machinery equipments.

    We know that with the arrival of the 4 industry, more and more traditional manual manufacturing are  
    gradually replaced by machines, but we have to say, when a large excavator, road finishing machine eg.
    in the work because of the high strength work, it is easy to cause failure.
    We know that the vast majority of mechanical failures are due to hydraulic components,
    and the traditional hydraulic connectors have been unable to quickly adapt to the field of mechanical
    engineering. Therefore, the new hydraulic quick couplings are better to protect the normal work of many
    large engineering equipments.

    Points for attention of hydraulic quick coupling:

    Most of the Purchasing personnel from engineering machinery factories often ignore a problem that
     it's important that the connectors of the gasoline hydraulic press and the diesel hydraulic press is different.

    It is also worth noting that when we have not learned the relevant replacement of
    the hydraulic quick couplings, please be sure  not to beat it lightly. Otherwise, this may lead to fluid impact
    and cause greater damage to the mechanical hydraulic press.

    Here is a brief overview of the hydraulic quick couplings by AIKE industries.
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