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    Standard for High Pressure Quick Coupling

    2019-01-11 14:19:38 Aike Hydraulic Quick Coupling Read

    Standard for High Pressure Quick Coupling

    There are many standards for High Pressure Quick Coupling. The following is the introduction of its standards:

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    Ⅰ. High Pressure Quick Coupling Assembed of Sleeve Pipe Joints

    The most important part of the prefabrication of the prefabricated jacket pipe joint directly affects the reliability of the seal. Generally, the special preheaters are needed. Connections with small diameters can be pre-installed on bench pliers. The concrete method is to use a joint as the matrix and press nuts and jackets on the pipe. The main types are the jacket type through pipe connector, the jacket type end through pipe connector and the jacket type three-way pipe connector. 
    Even if the High Pressure Quick Coupling from the same manufacturer, the depth of conical holes on these joints is often different, resulting in leakage, and this problem is often ignored. The correct way is, what kind of joint body is used to connect one end of the pipe, and the corresponding joint end is prefabricated with the same type of joint, so as to avoid leakage problem to the greatest extent. Secondly, The end face of the pipe should be level.
    After the pipe is sawed, it should be polished smoothly on tools such as grinding wheels, deburred, cleaned and blown with high-pressure air before use. Thirdly, The coaxiality between the pipe and the joint body should be maintained as far as possible during preloading. If the pipe deviates too much, the seal will fail. Fourth, Preloading force should not be too large so that the inner edge of the jacket is just embedded in the outer wall of the pipe, and the jacket should not be obviously deformed. When pipeline connection is carried out, the assembly is carried out according to the prescribed tightening force. The tightening force of 6-1 jacket is 64-1 15n, 16 MMR 259n and 18 mm is 450n. If the jacket is seriously deformed during preloading, it will lose its sealing effect.

    Ⅱ. Sealants and other fillers are prohibited. In order to achieve better sealing effect, some people coated the jacket with sealant. As a result, the sealant was washed into the hydraulic system, resulting in the plugging of the Yinni hole of the hydraulic component and other faults.

    Ⅲ. When the High Pressure Quick Coupling connecting with pipes, sufficient deformation allowance should be allowed to prevent the pipes from being subjected to tensile force.

    Ⅳ. When the High Pressure Quick Coupling connecting with the pipeline, it should be avoided to be subjected to lateral force, which will result in improper sealing.

    Ⅴ. When the High Pressure Quick Coupling connecting with the pipeline, it should be good at one time and avoid multiple disassemblies, otherwise the sealing performance will become worse. 

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